our company goal is to concieve and realize solutions for visual communication with an original, functional and innovative approach. we provide specific solutions responding to your communiction needs with personalized graphical concepts and technical means. we care to offer evolutive results of high quality.

corporate design is the visual, rational, emotional, and cultural portrait associated with a company, product or service. the purpose of having positive associations with the brand name and having people to remember that brand is to enhance the value and the satisfaction they get from the product and make their selection easier.

print- & graphic design is the art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message through the design. graphic design is the applied art of arranging image and text to communicate a message. it may be applied in any media, such as print, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product decoration, packaging and signage.

web design - websites are like plants that you have to care for and look after if you want them to thrive. what is a website for? it is there to serve your purposes - be it to inform, to promote or to market. the first step in the creation of a website is defining the tasks that the site has to solve. often the website is your first point of contact with your customers and partners. our mission is to work together with you to create a functional and visually unique image of your company.

film & photography - we film for your youtube presentation as well also for your real estate company. short films for commerial or cineastic purposes. still photography for your website images, portraits, landscapes  and much more.




for christoph schwegler, the swiss top voice in advertising and entertainment, raw media designed the new website.



nero design is a print, packing & paper company located in muttenz, raw media developed the corporate- & webdesign.



for the new beat project of music producer m-skills pads`n`bars we have created a corporate- & webdesign.



for geri stocker the swiss radio speaker and photographer, raw media developed the corporate- & webdesign.



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